Will Diana Gabaldon ever tell Master Raymond’s story in Outlander?

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The Outlander books are Claire’s story about Jamie. However, will Diana Gabaldon ever go into a particular traveler from Dragonfly in Amber? Will we ever get Master Raymond’s story?

Diana Gabaldon has always made it clear that the Outlander books are Claire’s story about Jamie. They’ve certainly grown over the years to bring in the family, but that family always circles around Jamie. Yet, there other characters that have certainly drawn people in and one of those was in “Dragonfly in Amber.”

During the French part of the storyline, we were introduced to Master Raymond. There are particular elements of his life that we already know, including the fact that all travelers come from him. Yes, that means Claire is a descendent of Master Raymond.

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While not currently in the works, Diana Gabaldon told The Scotsman that she wants to eventually tell Master Raymond’s story. We may have met him in 18th-century France but that is not when he’s from. This is a man who she says is from 3,500 BC.

Yes, really! He’s from a time before Christ and that is likely going to be important for the particular elements of time travel. After all, the time traveling is linked to the pagan religions — different versions depending on where the stones are located.

Something Gabaldon refused to share is how Master Raymond is able to travel through time so much. While Claire, Brianna, and Roger have traveled 200 years back and forth, we know that others can travel different periods. Just how much power does it take to travel a few millennia?

That is certainly something we’ll have to wait to find out. However, it won’t be for a while. Master Raymond’s story isn’t one of the two Gabaldon currently has planned after Outlander Book 9.

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Whose story would you like to see told? What do you think of Master Raymond coming from around 3,500 BC? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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