Outlander writers answer your big questions about the Season 4 premiere

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After each episode, we get questions that only the Outlander writers can answer. Fortunately, they’re on hand to spill the beans.

#ATOW is back for another season. For those who weren’t around in previous years, that means “ask the Outlander writers” and every Tuesday after a new episode, they take to Twitter to answer all your burning questions.

Okay, so I’m a little late with this post to round up all the burning questions and answers. But better late than never, right? Besides, there are some juicy pieces of information.

During the answering session for the Outlander Season 4 premiere, there were discussions about challenging scenes to film, the number of medicine boxes used, and the talk of the dinner party invitation. Strap in for all the answers you need.

Why were Claire and Jamie at the dinner?

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One thing that many viewers have mentioned is that there was no reason for the Frasers to go to the dinner. When did they get the invitation? Well, it was originally mentioned in Claire’s voiceover narration when discussing that it had been four months.

This had to be cut out due to time constraints. Of course, everyone has their opinion over whether something else should have been cut instead, but that’s the case with anything subjective. Honestly, I just made the assumption someone had heard of them and invited them. After all, Jamie Fraser is one well-known Scotsman.

It takes time to decide which scenes need to be used from the books and what’s going to be cut later. In the writer’s room, there are always discussions about what’s going to happen and what scenes from the books won’t be used or will need to be adapted slightly.

Bonnet and the song choice

One of the scenes was Stephen Bonnet telling Claire about his fear of drowning. In the book, there’s more time for them to bond a little before Bonnet turns on them. The Outlander writers needed that bonding to happen in a much shorter space of time to get Claire to open up a little more.

And while we talk of Bonnet and that dastardly scene, a question about the song choice came up. Thought it was a political statement? Maril Davis isn’t the only one saying otherwise. The Outlander writers shared when the decision for the song in the scene was made.

I do find it intriguing that it was going to be an instrumental version and agree about recognizable. I wouldn’t have recognized it at all.

The song for Hayes and boxes

Speaking of songs, there was one earlier to see Hayes off. Many of us possibly felt a little how Claire seemed, unsure of the words or the meaning behind it. Yes, it was clear that it was a send off, but it’s hard to understand the true meaning of something without understanding the lyrics.

If you want to know more about this song, the writers have you covered.

As for the medicine boxes, they were specifically made for the series. How beautiful were they? Well, it turns out that there was more than one made, because they needed something that would be easy to move around.

There are some boxes you’ll need moving forward in Outlander Season 4. No, not the medicine boxes, but some tissue boxes. Book fans will know how difficult some of the storylines get. They’re heartbreaking and many of them have been included.

Oh, but there are some happy tissue boxes by the sounds of things!


If you want to know about challenging scenes, you may be surprised to hear that it was the riverboat scene and not for the reasons you’d think. It’s all to dow ith the water! Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, actually.

You can catch up with all the questions and answers from the Outlander writers at their Twitter feed. There are answers about the title cards (it was there, but difficult to see), who doesn’t know about Claire’s time-traveling abilities (yet!), and a little bit about Murtagh.

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