5 best moments from Outlander Season 1, Episode 6

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Outlander Season 1, Episode 6
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4. Claire jumping straight into medical care

During the episode, there’s an ambush and one of the soldiers needs his arm amputated. Claire immediately rushes down to the bar area to tend to this soldier. Her World War II skills step in, even though she won’t have used these skills properly for months.

We’re reminded instantly that she was a proficient nurse. She doesn’t cower at the sight of blood and she’s able to talk to the soldiers calmly with a good bedside manner. It’s all foreshadowing for things to come and just a continuation of seeing her step up to help Geordie die in peace.

3. Jeremy just wants the best

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Jeremy sees Claire as a woman he needs to save. We start the episode with him escorting Claire and Dougal to the village, but it’s during the dinner that my favorite moment stands out. He really is a sweet gentleman with a good heart.

While the others mock the Scots and talk about how much they miss London, Jeremy remains disciplined for the most part. Sure, there are moments that get the better of him but deep down, all he wants is the best for Claire. And that means getting her to Inverness.

This was important for me. Jeremy’s character was a reminder that there were good men out there and not just Jamie Fraser.