Outlaw King will open Toronto Film Festival

OUTLAW KING -- Image acquired via Mammoth Advertising PR
OUTLAW KING -- Image acquired via Mammoth Advertising PR /

Steven Cree’s upcoming movie Outlaw King will open Toronto Film Festival. Check out all the details you need to know.

Outlaw King is Steven Cree’s latest movie, but that’s not the only reason Outlander fans will want to check it out. It’s also set in Scotland and tells the story of the infamous Robert the Bruce.

Deadline reports that the movie will open Toronto Film Festival, which suggests there’s a lot of hype and hope for this movie. It’s going to then drop on Netflix on Nov. 9. My only uncertainty is Chris Pine playing the role of Robert the Bruce, but I’m going to keep an open mind until I actually see the movie.

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Outlaw King is set a few centuries earlier than Outlander. Instead of the iconic Jacobite rebellion, it’s another battle between the English and the Scottish. This time before a Scottish king sat on the English throne, the movie shows how Robert the Bruce fought off the English, including the tyrannical Edward I and his entitled son, Edward II.

Steven Cree plays Seton, according to his IMDb profile. This is probably Sir Christopher Seton of Clan Seton. The real man in history was Robert the Bruce’s brother-in-law after he married Robert’s sister Christina. However, he was executed in 1306 by hanging after Loch Doon Castle was besieged, so we may not get to see that much of Steven in the movie. This guy can’t pick characters that stay out of trouble, can he?

Outlaw King was filmed in Scotland. Some of the locations will look familiar to Outlander fans, as the production was at Doune Castle and Craigmillar Castle, among others. Incidentally, some of these locations were also used for the Mary, Queen of Scots movie that will be released in December.

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Are you excited for another Scottish-based movie? Will you tune in as an Outlander fan? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlaw King will drop on Netflix on Nov. 9 and premiere at Toronto Film Festival on Sept. 6.