The Commuter with Colin McFarlane drops on Netflix Canada next month

Photo credit: The Commuter/Lionsgate Home Entertainment; Acquired via EPK.TV
Photo credit: The Commuter/Lionsgate Home Entertainment; Acquired via EPK.TV /

Netflix Canada will bring a movie starring one of the new Outlander cast members to its service. Colin McFarlane’s The Commuter is dropping next month.

Outlander Season 3 isn’t the only thing that will be of interest to Sassenachs in August. Netflix Canada is bringing The Commuter. It’s going to be very different to what you’re used to with Claire and Jamie, but it’s got someone special in it: Colin McFarlane.

The Commuter will drop on Netflix Canada on Aug. 10, 2018.

McFarlane will join the cast of Outlander Season 4 as Ulysses. At the time of the casting announcement, his movie, The Commuter, was being released on Blu-Ray and DVD, making it all perfect timing for him. Now it looks like the stars align once more.

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The Commuter stars Liam Neeson in another action-thriller. Think Taken but on a train, although he doesn’t play a man with a “special set of skills” ready to hurt the person who has taken his daughter. This time, he’s Michael, an insurance salesman who is just on his daily commute home from work when he’s contacted by a stranger on the train. It’s up to Michael to figure out who this stranger is, as he finds himself in the middle of a criminal conspiracy that could kill everyone on the train.

Produced by Lionsgate, it’s not surprising that The Commuter and Outlander Season 3 drop on Netflix Canada at the same time. Lionsgate is also involved in the Outlander production.

The movie was a lot of fun for McFarlane. He’s shared how he enjoyed working with Neeson and got some screen time with the action movie legend. Check out everything McFarlane has to say in the video below.

It doesn’t look like the movie is dropping on Netflix U.S. yet. Whether this will change in the future is unknown right now. You can rent through Netflix DVDs, though, which isn’t available in Canada.

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Will you spend the weekend watching The Commuter to see Colin McFarlane in action? Are you excited for more movies and shows with the Outlander cast in on Netflix? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Commuter will drop at 3 a.m. EST on Aug. 10 on Netflix Canada.