Outlander Season 4: Who is Colin McFarlane?

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images /
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images /

Colin McFarlane is joining the cast of Outlander Season 4.

In case you missed it, Colin McFarlane will play Ulysses in Outlander Season 4. It’s an exciting announcement as Droughtlander starts to take its toll on fans.

There are plenty of questions about how the showrunners will adapt Diana Gabaldon’s fourth book, “Drums of Autumn.” Some fans fear the changes, as they didn’t care for many made for Season 3. However, other fans are looking forward to the way the story will be told.

While it’s not possible to answer questions about changes, it is possible to look into the new actors and actresses joining the cast. McFarlane is well known for his role of Loeb in the Batman The Dark Knight trilogy. Just what can he bring to Outlander?

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This isn’t his first sci-fi

Outlander can be classed as all types of genres, with sci-fi being one of them for the time travelling aspect. Well, it won’t be McFarlane’s first dip into the science fiction world. He has been in three episode of Doctor Who and three episodes of its spin-off Torchwood.

In Torchwood, he played the same character, but it took on multiple roles for Doctor Who. He’s no stranger to adapting within the same universe, which could help him in Outlander around Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser!

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Nor is he a stranger to long filming schedules

The showrunners continually point out that the time to film is long. This is partly the reason there are a small number of episodes compared to other shows. For some actors, long stints on camera are hard. This isn’t going to be an issue for McFarlane.

He’s been in numerous soap operas in Britain. These include Coronation Street and Doctors. Their filming schedules can be gruelling, even for those who are only there for a few episodes.

He has 137 acting credits

This is a man who knows what he’s doing. McFarlane has been on the screen since 1986 and has racked up 137 credits. There are two other projects planned for 2018, but they shouldn’t cause an issue for Outlander filming since they’re post-production or completed.

His experience will work perfectly for the upcoming storyline and the stars he is going up against. Ulysses plays an important part in Jocasta’s storyline and she will be played by the amazing Maria Doyle Kennedy. The showrunners needed someone just like McFarlane to take the role.


You’ve likely heard his voice

If you haven’t watched anything he’s been in, you’ve more than likely heard his voice. He’s been doing voiceover work for decades, for both reality quiz shows, kids’ programs and video games. Some of his more popular works include being the Voice of the Cube in the quiz show The Cube and Sgt. Slipper in Dennis the Menace from 1996-1998.

He loves to interact on Twitter

After the announcement of his casting on Outlander, plenty of people tweeted him in congratulations. He hasn’t been able to respond to all, but that’s not because he doesn’t want to. McFarlane was flying to New York on the day of the announcement.

He does love to interact on Twitter and he’s hoping to get Twitter verified (although that’s reportedly been suspended recently). When he does interact, it’s as if he’s speaking to you in person. You can almost hear his voice resonate through his words.

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Are you excited about the casting announcement? Does Colin McFarlane match the vision of Ulysses in your head? Share in the comments below.

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