Outlander fans given chance to see advance screening of The Spy Who Dumped Me

The Spy Who Dumped Me Day -- Credit: Hopper Stone/SMPSP -- Acquired via EPK.TV
The Spy Who Dumped Me Day -- Credit: Hopper Stone/SMPSP -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

Outlander fans are gearing up for Sam Heughan’s newest movie, The Spy Who Dumped Me, to get through Droughtlander. Now there’s a chance for some to see an advance screening.

Ever wished you could be one of the lucky ones that gets to the advance screenings for movies? Well, Outlander fans are getting that chance right now, no press necessary. This is for an advance screening of The Spy Who Dumped Me.

Think you recognize the name of the movie? Well, you certainly should! It’s Sam Heughan’s latest flick, which is released nationwide on August 3. However, this advance screening will take place in New York City on July 30. You’ll need to be available on that night.

There’s no catch, either. The tickets are on a first-come-first-served basis, according to the official Outlander Twitter account.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been taken as positively as it should on social media. There are many complaints about Starz not giving the same support to Caitriona Balfe when she was in Money Monster. The difference then and now is that Lionsgate is the production company attached to both Outlander and A Spy Who Dumped Me, which means promotional content will be the same across the board.

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At the same time, the opportunity to go to the advance preview likely wasn’t available when Money Monster came out. This isn’t playing favoritism. It’s all a matter of business, promotion, and availability.

Sony was attached to Money Monster, but Outlander wasn’t as big when that movie came out, which may have also affected things. After all, Money Monster was 2016, during the middle of Season 2 airing. The show has really taken off this season.

The biggest complaint has been the lack of promotion of Outlander from the social media feed. Marketing for the show has missed the mark on numerous occasions this year and at other times its been sparse. While promoting A Spy Who Dumped Me will help promote Outlander, it’s understandable why fans feel disappointed in some of the decisions.

This follows on from disappointment in the call out to those leading fan groups and communities. Many regular fans were disappointed that the show wasn’t promoting anything through the official channels and instead got the fans with groups and blogs to do the work instead, almost treating some fans as second-class citizens.

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It’s disappointing when one good thing is followed by a lot of negativity. The official channels could change this by just giving us more news to help us get through the hardest part of Droughtlander.

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