Richard Rankin teases Outlander Season 4 costumes and Roger

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

During the Outlander Las Vegas con last weekend, Richard Rankin talked about costumes and things to come for Roger in Outlander Season 4. Check out what to expect.

Those who have read the books know what’s in store for Roger. For those who haven’t, we’ll avoid the spoilers for Outlander Season 4 in this post. After all, Richard Rankin avoided spoilers during his Q&A panel at the Outlander Las Vegas con last weekend. He did tease what’s to come for Roger though, along with his thoughts about the costumes.

It was the costumes that was the main focus in the question. Rankin shared how important these costumes are and how well they’re made. We all know Terry Dresbach and her team are wonderful and really stick to history, but Rankin shared that the costumes each have a story. There’s a reason the characters have chosen particular items.

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Repurposing is common for the 18th-century clothing, but what about the 20th-century items? Roger gets a little more of a costume change, but he shares that he’s jealous of Sam Heughan and John Bell’s costumes. Maybe he’ll get a chance to dress in those types of items very soon.

As for Roger, expect a character change. Rankin couldn’t help but laugh at how naive Roger has been so far. That’s all going to change in Outlander Season 4. Something will happen that makes him realize just how dangerous the world he’s now in really is. But some of the changes are for the better in a way–just not what he has to go through for that to happen.

And that’s all the tease you’re going to get from me about what’s in store for Roger. You can check out everything Richard has to say about Roger and costumes, thanks to Angus’ Angels for the videos from Outlander Las Vegas con.

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