Terry Dresbach will still be around to discuss Outlander Season 4

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Terry Dresbach may be leaving the series as the Emmy-nominated (and hopefully winner) costume designer, but she’s not going just yet! She’ll be around to discuss Outlander Season 4.

Over the weekend, Emmy-nominated (and hopefully winner) Outlander costume designer Terry Dresbach announced she would be leaving the series. Opting to put her health and family first, she’s decided not to do the costumes for the fifth season. However, don’t think she’s going anywhere just yet! She will be around to discuss Outlander Season 4.

Dresbach is one of the most prolific crew members on Twitter, sharing sneak peeks, teases, and updates of things to come. She’s also taken to Twitter to share her disappointment when costumes have been leaked by fans snapping photos; things that weren’t in the books and became a special part of the show itself. You’ll regularly see her chatting with fans, cast members, and crew members about the costumes and things to come.

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This is especially the case throughout the seasons airing. During the third season, she defended the choice to repurpose costumes and shared inspirations for various ideas. She chatted with fans as they asked questions about her work and wanted to learn more about the time and effort it took to create every bit of detail.

You don’t need to worry about missing out on that. Terry Dresbach will be around to do the same for Outlander Season 4. There are certainly going to be some interesting costumes, both Colonial and the 1960s-1970s outfits. We’ll certainly have a lot of questions and this will be our last chance to ask the woman behind the beautiful, intricate, and historically accurate designs.

Until Outlander Season 4 premieres, she’s also showing some of the behind the scenes shots on her Pinterest profile. Don’t forget to check out her other boards to see inspiration and the starting points for creating the beautiful items throughout the years.

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What do you think about Terry Dresbach leaving? Are you excited to see her costumes in Outlander Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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