Outlander fans have the chance to support Graham McTavish in directorial debut

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Graham McTavish is making his directorial debut. Now there’s a call to Outlander, The Hobbit, Preacher, and more fans to get behind the project and be a part of history.

When Graham McTavish teased exciting news last week, we expected a new project. While that was certainly what it was, we didn’t quite expect the size of project. It’s not just another role. Outlander fans have the chance to support him, Steven Walters, Duncan Lacroix, and Dean O’Gorman in McTavish’s directorial debut, The Guest of Summer.

Our own Dougal will both act and direct the movie and there’s an Indiegogo campaign already set up to raise funds. After being announced on Friday, more than $23,000 of the $100,000 target has already been raised. There’s a month left to get the full amount to see the movie get a chance of production.

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You’re not just putting money into the film either. Your donations will receive certain perks, depending on the amount that you put in. A $50 donation will get a Thanks!Tweet from the cast–and McTavish has already delivered on a number of them. A $100 donation will get an annotated script, estimated to be delivered in February next year. If you put in $500 to the project, you’ll get a signed prop from the set!

There will also be other prizes along the way. The team behind the campaign have promised prized draws for all those who donate. It’s not clear how often the prizes will be added, but there are certainly many people thankful for all those that put as little or as much as they can into the project.

There are limited numbers of the various items. You’ll want to jump in now if you want some of the biggest ones, and you can see them all at the official The Guest of Summer donation page.

There isn’t much about the new movie yet. The Indiegogo campaign does have videos from all currently involved though. Oh, and Graham McTavish shares that he may come back to Outlander to direct an episode. That would be awesome!

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Will you get involved in Graham McTavish’s directorial debut? Are you excited to see a new movie with a group of the Outlander cast? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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