Diana Gabaldon weighs in on whether Jamie will ever time travel in Outlander

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Want to see Jamie in the 20th century with Claire and the rest of the brood in Outlander? Don’t count on it ever happening! At least, not in the book series.

There are many “what ifs” in storytelling and Outlander is no different. What if Claire never went through the stones the first time? What if she never decided to go back? What if Jamie could travel to the future? Well, don’t expect to ever hear what could be for the latter. That’s all going to remain in fanfiction, as Diana Gabaldon shares that Jamie will never travel through the stones.

This isn’t that surprising. The way the story has been set up, only certain people can travel through time. It’s been noted that it’s to do with genetics, and even then there’s no guarantee. During the third season, Claire tells Brianna that she’s not sure if Brianna could come to the past. Of course, we later find out she can, but there was always the doubt. However, having the gene is important and Jamie doesn’t have that gene.

Jamie not being able to time-travel is nothing new, either. Earlier this year, Caitriona Balfe confirmed that Jamie couldn’t pass through the stones in Outlander.  In the second season, we watched Jamie put his hand on the stone and nothing happened. He didn’t hear the buzzing that Claire and others have heard, making it clear that he doesn’t have the ability.

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

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Now Diana Gabaldon has weighed in to say that Jamie is never going to time travel. Fans have wanted to see it happen but it’s all going to have to remain in fanfiction–and there are certainly many versions that see Jamie travel to 1940s Britain and find Claire and Frank. Gabaldon isn’t going to change her time traveling rules.

Whether the show will change things or not is unknown. Outlander has certainly made some changes to the book’s storyline. However, this would be a huge change and something that would likely turn off many fans of the novels who follow the adaptation. Just changing a discussion about Brianna to a discussion about Brianna, Faith, and Willie was enough to annoy some. A change this side would certainly see flocks of fans leave.

While it would be fun to see Jamie deal with the 20th century, having time traveling rules are important. The rule that only certain individuals pass through the stones is certainly reasonable and helps to keep questions about the stones and the abilities to a minimum. Now, all we need to know is exactly where the gene originated. Does Master Raymond have something to do with it?

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Would you like to see Jamie travel to the future? Do you prefer the rules Diana Gabaldon has set up for Outlander? Share in the comments below.

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