What makes someone a true Outlander fan?

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There are many Outlander fans out there. Some have read the books and watched the show, while others have only watched the show. Is there a definition of a true Outlander fan?

“Fan” is short for fanatic. With that in mind, there’s a view that only the true Outlander fans have immersed themselves in everything Claire and Jamie. Some will say only the book readers who want the show to be everything like the books are the true fans, while others view true fans as those who have taken tours in Scotland and bought all the merchandise.

What makes someone a true Outlander fan? Can you be one if you don’t have the money for all the gimmicks?

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The truth is (and you’ll like this) a true Outlander fan is someone who just loves their show/books. They enjoy the story being told. It can be in book or TV form. Some will love watching the series play out, while others will remain true to the books. There are some fans who want to see changes to see how the showrunners can adapt a story, while other fans just want everything to stay the same.

Then there are the fans who will search their Scottish history or will immerse themselves through Outlander tours. Some of us have taken to writing on fan sites, others set up podcasts, and there are plenty who just want to chat on Twitter or in Facebook groups.

There honestly isn’t a definition of a true fan. If you love the series or books–if you feel like you are a fan–then you are a true fan.

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

I’ll happily admit that I’m always a book behind the series. I started watching before reading and now I remain one book behind to catch the show first and then read the changes; go deeper into the series through Diana Gabaldon’s words to learn more about the intricate world she has created. Sometimes I like the changes the show made, other times I don’t. I know the spoilers for the books to come, but I haven’t read the full details yet (but I will research them when needed). That’s the way I prefer to do things.

Others will prefer to read the books first and watch the show. They may love or loathe the changes, but they prefer to read Gabaldon’s words before seeing how the showrunners and writers have adapted things.

All I ask as a show-first fan is not to be looked down on because I’ve chosen to watch the show first (and choose to keep it that way). Reading the books first doesn’t make someone better than me or more of a fan than me. There are some who won’t read the books at all, because they want to immerse themselves in the TV show or because they don’t have time/interest in reading. They’re still true Outlander fans.

We all engage with content in different ways. Whatever way you choose to, loving the show/books makes you a true Outlander fan. At least, that’s my view of things!

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How did you delve into the world of Outlander? What way do you prefer to absorb the content? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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