7 burning questions we have about Outlander season 4

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Droughtlander may have only just begun, but there are plenty of questions about Outlander season 4.

Outlander season 3 left us exactly where book fans predicted; in Georgia. This really isn’t that surprising, considering that’s where “Voyager” left the time travelling doctor and her highlander husband. Now it’s onto new adventures and stories, with a chance to find old friends and new.

The teaser trailer showed us Claire and Jamie get a wardrobe upgrade, as they discuss the new world. Claire shares how people would come for the “American dream,” but it doesn’t tell us anything about Outlander season 4. That’s okay, though. It’s just a teaser to get us excited for the new season sometime in 2018.

There are now plenty of questions for the show to answer when it eventually does return, and there will certainly be more when the release date gets closer. Here are the seven burning questions already.

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#1. Who survived that shipwreck?

The colonial family tell the Frasers that there was a shipwreck further down on the beach. They say nothing about what the ship was called or if there are survivors, just that there was a shipwreck. In the books, the Porpoise is chasing the Artemis at this point, as Captain Leonard is desperate to get his hands on the one that got away. However, that didn’t happen in the series. The Artemis just happened to be caught in a storm.

We can presume the shipwreck is the Artemis. Now what we want to know is who survived. Footage and information about the next season tell us Fergus, Marsali, and Young Ian will all make it out alive. Will any of the others?

#2. Will Young Ian remain in the Colonies?

The Frasers were taking Young Ian back home to Lallybroch. After all, he was never supposed to have been caught up in this mess and did just because he’d swam out to get the treasure for Jamie. If he is one of those to survive the shipwreck, will Claire and Jamie send him back on a ship to Scotland? They already know how perilous the seas can be.

It is possible they will decide to keep Young Ian around for a while. There’s lots to do in the Colonies and they’ll need to figure out their next moves to get money before even thinking about returning Young Ian home. Plus Young Ian may not even want to go back!

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#3. Will Jamie and Claire get a chance of normality?

During the voyage back, Claire made a point of stating that Jamie was a free man. Lord John had sorted out the issue with the warrant, which meant Jamie could return to Scotland. While there are questions over the validity of that statement, it hints that there’s a chance of normality for the Frasers.

The two have never really had a chance at a normal life; whatever is normal for the 18th century. They’ve had people after them every step of the way. What will their life be like in a moment of freedom and peace? Will we get a chance to see the two connect on an emotional level the way they haven’t been able to before?

#4. Will Jamie see Lord John again?

The way John and Jamie said goodbye, it looked like that was it for good. Of course, book fans know the storyline, but the show-only fans have no idea. Will Jamie and Lord John reunite again?

That friendship is not one to lose. After around a decade of being apart, they caught up as if they’d only seen each other at Christmas. It was a beautiful relationship and something that Jamie needs in his life, even if Lord John is madly in love with the man. Plus, bringing Lord John back will give us the chance to see Jamie with an older Willie.

#5. Will Brianna and Roger reunite with Claire?

Speaking of Willie, it only seems right to bring up Brianna. She was mentioned in the season 3 finale, as Margaret channeled her. Now there are lots of questions about whether we will ever see Brianna again and whether Brianna and Roger will reunite with Claire.

Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin are both involved in Outlander season 4, so there are high chances that they are coming back in some way. The big question is how. Will they remain in the future and develop their relationship from there or will they find a reason to travel through the stones?

#6. How much will be cut from Drums of Autumn?

There have been mixed reviews about the cuts from “Voyager.” Some storylines were cut entirely, while others were adapted to suit the TV storyline. As with any book-to-TV adaptation changes need to be made for a variety of reasons. This shouldn’t be that surprising.

The burning question about Outlander season 4 though is which parts of “Drums of Autumn” will be changed? There are some beautiful and also cringeworthy moments. There are elements that could be completely scrapped to keep the storyline contained and suitable for TV, but others that desperately need to stay.

#7. When will Droughtlander end?

Yes, this is probably the biggest question from fans right now. After all, getting the answer to this means we’re a step closer to getting the season. That means a step closer to getting the answers to all the other questions.

So far, we just know that the show will be back in 2018. It’s likely fall 2018, as explained before.

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