Ron Moore Hints at ‘Outlander’ Season 3


We’re all totally excited about Outlander Season 2, and a premiere date has not yet been set for the next installment. We hope (and have heard) that it could be Spring (think, March/April) of 2016, but are talks already underway for Season 3?

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The short answer is yes! Get ready to do a little happy dance, because Outlander’s executive producer Ron Moore has recently said that he’ll be “shocked” if Outlander season 3 doesn’t happen. Of course, nothing is official and even if a contract for Season 3 has been signed, I’m willing to bet that ink’s still wet.

In this post from Scotland Now, Ron said, when asked about a third season,

"I’m very hopeful. We’re talking about doing a third season now and I’m pretty sure we’re going to get it. I’ll be shocked if we don’t but you never know until you actually do it.”"

Of course, having a Season 3 is about as vague as anyone could possibly get. With huge plot/ story questions looming over Season 2, it’s hard for me to even begin imagining how a Season 3 would look. We here at Claire & Jamie have long since set up camp with the idea that Season 2 will chop book two, “Dragonfly in Amber” into smaller chunks and not quite fit everything into the book. It’s only logical, seeing as (SPOILERS!!!) the book takes place in the 1960s AND the 1740s. With the time jumps and the way the story was told in the book, it seems unlikely that we’ll get EVERYTHING in season 2.

So will it pick up in Season 3, or will Ron further stray from the books in order to keep us hooked? I’m willing to put money down on that. And I’d also be quite shocked if Outlander doesn’t get a third season order. Cross your fingers, lads and lassies!

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Outlander Season 2 is currently in production in Paris and Prague. An official release date has not yet been set, but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we find out!