When in November makes sense to release Outlander Season 7B?

We know Outlander Season 7B is coming in November 2024. When in this month would make the most sense to release the season?
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One thing we know is that Outlander Season 7B will premiere in November 2024. We’re taking a look at a potential premiere date.

Outlander Season 8 is likely going to be held until 2026. Production is set to end sometime at the end of this year, and then the show needs months to get through post-production. Since Outlander: Blood of My Blood will end production first, that series is likely to be released first, with a 2025 premiere date. It makes sense from a business point of view for Starz to release the seasons/shows in alternate years, similarly to the way Prime Video has released The Boys and its spin-off Gen V.

That could still mean some Outlander episodes in 2025. It all depends on when the Season 7B premiere will happen.

Could Outlander Season 7B be fully released before the end of 2024?

There is a way that Starz could get all eight episodes out in 2024. This would mean a Friday, Nov. 1 release date. If Episode 9 was released then, we could see the finale airing on Friday, Dec. 27. This would account for the one-week break that Starz puts in for most of its shows.

We have seen Starz release new episodes around Christmas. With a premium cable network, there isn’t as much of a concern about airing shows over the Christmas break. Filming isn’t happening for the current season in the way it is for broadcast, and there is the app for people to watch to catch up on the show, now.

This would mean that all eight episodes could air before the end of 2024.

Could we have the last episode air in 2025?

There is the possibility that Starz will want to skip a Dec. 27 episode but still have a one-week break. There is a way to do that, but it would mean that one episode at least will air in 2025.

Starz could opt for the Outlander Season 7B premiere to air on Friday, Nov. 8. The episodes would run until Friday, Dec. 20 and then there would be the one-week break. The season finale would then air on Friday, Jan. 3.

Of course, if Starz wants to put the one-week break on in the middle of the season, it would mean delaying the release by an extra couple of weeks. Starz doesn’t mind putting a one-week break before the finale, though. The network knows that people will keep the subscription going to see how the season ends.

I have a feeling the latter is going to happen. This pushes subscriptions into the new year and starts things off strong. It would also capture those who renew their subscriptions on the first or last day of the month, which is relatively common. It forces people to have the extra month of January. And let’s face it, Starz is a business and will do what works for profit rather than what works for the subscribers.

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