Tony Curran joins Outlander: Blood of My Blood (who will he play?)

The Outlander: Blood of My Blood cast continues to grow. Tony Curran will join the cast in a major role.

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As Outlander: Blood of My Blood films, more and more casting is being announced. The latest is a well-known British actor who you can see in the upcoming Mary & George series. Tony Curran is joining the Outlander prequel series.

Right now, fans will be able to see Curran as King James I of England (James VI of Scotland) in Mary & George. He has also been in the likes of The Outlaw King, Your Honor, and so much more. He is certainly an exciting addition to the prequel series, but fans want to know who he will play.

With the red hair, you probably expect Ellen MacKenzie’s father, Jacob MacKenzie. That’s not the case, though. He is part of the Fraser family, Deadline reports.

Who will Tony Curran play in Outlander: Blood of My Blood?

Curran will take on the role of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat. We have met The Old Fox in Outlander Season 2. He was played by Clive Russell in the series.

As fans will remember, Lord Lovat refused to side with the Jacobites. It was Simon’s son, also called Simon, who led some men to help Jamie side with the Jacobites when he didn’t have a choice. In real life, Simon Fraser was found guilty of treason fighting against the Jacobites and he was the last man executed at the Tower of London.

What will we see of Lord Lovat in this series? Well, as Jamie’s grandfather, we’re sure to see him interact with Jamie Roy, who will play Brian Fraser. Fans of the OG series know that Lord Lovat and a maid had an affair and Lord Lovat recognized Brian as his illegitimate son. It was arguably Brian’s illegitimacy that made him unsuitable for Ellen MacKenzie, but that didn’t stop them falling in love. Will we get to see Lord Lovat’s thoughts on Ellen not being suitable for his son, or will he not even care?

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Outlander: Blood of My Blood is currently in production.