Was Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat in Outlander a real person?

Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

There are many real people from history throughout Outlander. What about Jamie’s grandfather, Simon Fraser? Is Lord Lovat a real person?

We know Jamie Fraser isn’t a real person in history. However, there are elements of Jamie’s story that are connected to a real James Fraser from the time period. What about other characters connected to him?

One of the standout characters is Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat. Are the Frasers of Lovat a real clan? Did Simon Fraser really exist? Here’s a look at what we know.

Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat from Outlander is real

Yes, Diana Gabaldon did include a real person for Jamie’s paternal grandfather. Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat was around during the second Jacobite rebellion. In fact, he was around for the first rebellion.

If you thought Lord Lovat in the books/series was a terrible man, wait until you hear about the real person. He had to gain a pardon from King William III at one point due to him forcing the marriage to the dowager Lady Lovat. This angered her kinsmen, and Simon was eventually tried for the “rapt” of Lady Lovat.

He spent some time in France, which was where he met with the exiled Stuarts. This led to his support of the Jacobite claims. He was captured during the first rebellion but was later pardoned with his lands returned. Then he got involved in the second rebellion.

Unlike the series, Simon Fraser was involved. However, he tried to play both sides. This is a man who wanted to keep his lands and titles. He also wanted to keep his head, which he ended up losing. Simon Fraser was eventually captured and condemned by the House of Lords in 1747 for his role in the second Jacobite rebellion. He became the last man to be executed by beheading at the Tower of London.

There has since been a search for his body. This was documented as there were theories that his body had been placed on his own lands.

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