5 things I want to learn about Ellen and Brian in Outlander: Blood of My Blood

The Outlander prequel is a chance to see Brian and Ellen's love story play out. Here are five things I would love to see when it comes to their story in Outlander: Blood of My Blood.
Outlander: Blood of My Blood
Outlander: Blood of My Blood /

We know a little about Brian and Ellen Fraser thanks to Jamie sharing things about them. Outlander: Blood of My Blood has a chance to delve further into their story.

Jamie’s story may not be all that true. At least, not the details. He is telling the story as he’s heard it from others. He’ll have heard stories from Brian, Murtagh, and maybe even Colum and Dougal. There may have even been memories that Jenny has shared over the years. None of what he knows is first-hand.

This opens the door for some of the canon we’ve come to know to change—and to legitimately change. It’s time to see what happened behind closed doors. Here are five things I want to find out about Ellen and Brian in Outlander: Blood of My Blood.

When they actually fell for each other

Jamie’s story is almost like a fairytale. It’s like Ellen and Brian met and there was nobody else for each other. That’s not likely the way things worked, though. Ellen was a smart woman, and she knew what her position was as the eldest daughter of Clan MacKenzie.

So, I want to see how the two fall in love with each other. How do they meet? What attracts them to each other? And how do they go about meeting, as they must have done that in secret?

What was Ellen’s relationship with her brothers really like?

We hear a lot about how Ellen never spoke to her brothers again after she married Brian. But what about before? Ellen and Colum spent a lot of time discussion topics, including political ones. It does sound like she was close with both of them. Did she confide in her feelings for Brian with them?

How much did it hurt Ellen after she left Castle Leoch? Going no-contact with family members isn’t easy. It takes a lot of thought, so I’d like to see that play out. I’d also like to see Brian support her or help her with her decisions.

When did Brian and Ellen decide to elope?

Ellen ran away on the night of the 1715 Gathering at Castle Leoch. She and Brian hid away until Ellen was visibly pregnant and they had to marry. It was the best way to avoid shame on the MacKenzie family.

This wasn’t something they decided overnight. Ellen knew what this would mean for Clan MacKenzie, especially since her brothers decided to force her to marry Malcolm Grant. Who came up with the idea? When did the two agree to it? What plans did they put in motion? Did anyone else, like Murtagh, know?

What was life like when the two were in hiding?

Could you imagine what it would have been like for the two of them hiding away for love? They say “all you need is love,” but that’s not really the case. Love is a great start, but there would have been so much riding against them as they hid in secret with the whole of Clan MacKenzie and potentially Clan Fraser out looking for them.

So, what was it like? Did they trust anyone to help them? The more I think of it, the more questions I have, so I really hope Outlander: Blood of My Blood gets to this point.

What was it like for Murtagh?

Okay, this isn’t quite Brian and Ellen, but it is connected to them. Murtagh is a Fraser, which means he’s connected to Brian. At the same time, he was in love with Ellen and is the nephew of Mrs. Fitz, meaning he has some sort of connection to Castle Leoch. He must have known both of them relatively well, and that could have meant problems for Murtagh’s relationship with both Ellen and Brian when he found out Ellen chose Brian over him.

What was that like for Murtagh? When did Brian and Ellen realize that they still needed Murtagh in their lives? Enquiring minds want to know.

There is so much that Jamie hasn’t told us about his parents. What could Outlander: Blood of My Blood delve into?

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