Colum MacKenzie and 4 other cameos we'd love to see in Outlander Season 8

Outlander Season 8 is set as the final season. A lot of shows that end have cameos of past characters. Here are five I would love to see.
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There is no doubt that we’re not ready for Outlander Season 8 being the end.  It doesn’t matter how much we try to prepare, we can’t. Part of the preparation is a wishlist.

The final season of any series usually means some connections to where it all began. In the case of Outlander, it means heading back to some of the earlier seasons. However, most of the characters are now dead and gone. Even those in the present day are no longer around.

I will say that one wish I have is for a Black Jack Randall or a Frank Randall cameo. However, Tobias Menzies has said that he isn’t coming back for the eighth season. At least, he hasn’t been asked yet. So, he is left off this list of cameos that I would like to see. Here are five others.

Gary Lewis as Colum MacKenzie

Without Colum, Claire wouldn’t have had someone to help her. While Colum did view her as a spy and wanted to keep her close, he also recognized that she was a skilled healer and he did learn to respect her. He turned to her when he decided it was time to die.

Colum died just before the Battle of Culloden, killing himself with the aid of a poison that Claire gave him to allow him to go out peacefully. It was a bittersweet moment, and I would love to see some sort of cameo, whether it’s somewhere in the afterlife or a memory in the final season.

Duncan LaCroix as Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

I know there were a lot of people saying “Murtagh wouldn’t have joined the Regulators,” but the truth is years and years of indentured servitude would change a lot of people. I fully understood that feeling of being disenfranchised and got his need to switch. It also brought more of a connection to the Regulators during Seasons 4 and 5.

Sadly, we said goodbye to Murtagh at the Battle of Alamance. He is always close to the hearts of Claire and Jamie, though. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see him turn up as a vision, memory, or just in the afterlife depending on how Outlander comes to an end. By the way, I’m here for a Titanic moment with Claire and Jamie being reunited with everyone.

Dominique Pinon as Master Raymond

There are a lot of questions about Master Raymond. Book fans know a little more about this character, but show fans never really got the full details. All we know is that he is worldly, knows the power of magic and poisons, and is also able to heal.

One thing I would love to see is some sort of confirmation that he is the start of all time travelers. Or just a confirmation that he is a time traveler. I would love to see him pop up and give Claire some of the secrets of who she is and the line of people she comes from.

Tantoo Cardinal as Adawehi

Outlander Season 4 introduced us to a Cherokee clan that included Adawehi. She spent time with Claire, sharing her words for different items and offering Claire a hint of things to come. She made it clear that Claire would come into her full powers when her hair turns white.

We need to see that happen in Outlander Season 8. It would be an excellent time for a cameo with Claire getting a vision of Adawehi telling her this. Maybe there’s even that moment of Claire finally understanding everything and understanding that Adawehi had a true gift.

Mark Lewis Jones as Tom Christie

I know that Outlander Season 7 brought us closure for Tom Christie’s story. I understand that this is over with and he is getting on with his life. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see him pop up in Outlander Season 8.

We have to remember the important part Tom played in saving Claire. At first, he wanted to make sure she got a fair trial. As it was clear that may not happen, he turned himself in for a crime he didn’t commit. His love for Claire and his need for penance made him feel like it was the only option. Just a quick cameo to say that despite all the bad, good actions can lead to good karma would be great to see. Or if the show wants to end with everyone in the afterlife, we could see Tom is there and able to reunite with Claire and Jamie.

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