One OG Outlander actor is not slated to return for Season 8

There are a lot of questions about whether some original cast members of Outlander will return for the final season. We now know that one is definitely not slated to return.
Outlander season 1
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When it comes to the final season of a lot of shows, we hope to see some original characters return. It’s just a chance to say goodbye. So, it’s no surprise that fans are wondering whether certain characters could return for Outlander Season 8. We now have an answer about one of them.

One OG actor we would love to see back is Tobias Menzies. He brought two characters to life from the start: Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall.

Of course, the two characters are dead in the series right now, but that doesn’t mean things have to stay that way. The series has opted for ghostly figures in the past, and we’ve had flashbacks before. It’s not like time travel isn’t possible in this time traveling drama.

Tobias Menzies won’t be back for Outlander Season 8

TVLine asked Menzies if he would be back for the final season, and it’s bad news. He is not slated to return. He seems to make it pretty clear that he isn’t coming back, but it’s not that he has ill-will toward the show. It just sounds like the show doesn’t have the time to bring him back.

"It would be great. [But] no, you will not see me."

TObias Menzies

This could be a surprise to book fans, who know that Black Jack Randall does come back in the story for a bit thanks to some time traveling. That storyline is something that can be easily twisted to avoid the need for Black Jack Randall to return, though. He will almost certainly be mentioned.

Of course, we still say never say “never.” Until the episodes air, we’re still holding out a little bit of hope that there’s some sort of cameo at the very end of the series. After all, wouldn’t Bree end up reuniting with him in the afterlife when she eventually dies? I guess this would depend on how and where the story comes to an end as the books aren’t slated to end with Claire and Jamie’s deaths and that would suggest they won’t have Bree’s death either.

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