Will Tobias Menzies be in Outlander Season 7B?

Black Jack Randall shows up in Written in My Own Heart's Blood, but will we see him in Outlander Season 7B?
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy fo STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy fo STARZ /

If there is one Outlander character we love to hate, it’s Black Jack Randall. Of course, may fans thought they’d seen the last of him when he died at the Battle of Culloden. There is a chance that he could come back in Outlander Season 7B.

The second half of Outlander Season 7 is set to follow the Written in My Own Heart’s Blood storyline, especially for Roger MacKenzie. He isn’t heading back to the time period he thinks. Instead, he’s heading back to the  1730s, where is how we end up with Brian Fraser, Dougal MacKenzie, and Geillis Duncan back in the story.

In Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, Roger comes across Black Jack Randall. However, will the show follow this? Will Tobias Menzies return in Outlander Season 7B?

Outlander could avoid Black Jack Randall being in Season 7B

It is possible to work around Black Jack Randall not physically appearing in the story. This would have likely depended on whether Menzies was available for filming last year. We know that he has been a busy actor since leaving Outlander.

Randall comes into the story by Roger heading to Fort William to get more information about the dog tags that Brian Fraser had. Roger is able to learn more about how the dog tags could have ended up in 1739. While it’s great to see a former character come back, this part isn’t all that necessary.

It would have been possible for Randall to share more information when he did find the dog tags. This allows for Brian and Jenny to share all the information with Roger while at Lallybroch. It saves time in terms of filming and production, while still keeping the basis of the story intact.

There are no signs that Menzies came back for Outlander Season 7B. We do hope to see him in Outlander Season 8 as it’s the final season, even if it is just at the very end.

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