Steven Moffat has written the Christmas 2024 special of Doctor Who (and it may be his last)

We may only have just really started Doctor Who Season 14, but eyes are already on the Christmas 2024 special. Yes, there will be one, and Steven Moffat has written it.
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

Steven Moffat wrote the most recent episode of Doctor Who. While we’re only three episodes into the current season, our eyes are on the Christmas 2024 special and beyond. After all, there’s always a need to know what’s coming next.

There are no details about the Christmas special just yet. That’s not surprising considering it’s clear that this season is building up to something big. There are a lot of things to break down at the moment, including Susan Twist’s constant appearance in the series as different characters and The One Who Waits.

That doesn’t stop us from looking ahead at the Christmas special. At least we know the writer.

Steven Moffat is writing the Christmas 2024 special of Doctor Who

The news of Moffat writing the special was leaked back in March, but he has now confirmed that he is writing the episode. This is actually his 50th episode of the entire series.

It may be surprising to some that he is back. It was a surprise to him at first. His last episode was supposed to be “Twice Upon a Time,” an episode that he didn’t really like in the end. He did accept that it was his last episode, though.

That was until Russell T. Davis returned to the helm of the series. Moffat came back to write some episodes.

This may be his final final episode

Moffat now says that the Christmas special may be his last episode. He can’t say for certain, though. This isn’t a Doctor Who thing but a schedule thing.

Moffat has a lot of other projects coming up. He knows that he’s not part of Season 15 of the series. That doesn’t mean he won’t be asked back and be able to make it work in the future. Just, for now, the end is here once again.

I hope to see more Moffat episodes. They are some of the ones I love the most, and this most recent episode reminded me why. Moffat is able to do so much with the storytelling and with just simple words. The recent episode didn’t need a lot of characters, a lot of action, or a lot of planet exploration. It was all in the conversations, and it was beautifully done.

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