Doctor Who breaking the fourth wall has to mean something

Doctor Who Season 14 keeps breaking the fourth wall. This has to mean something bigger to the plot.
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

When Russell T. Davis does something repeatedly, you know it’s for a reason. So, Doctor Who constantly breaking the fourth wall this season means something big.

The first instance of breaking the fourth wall fans will think of is at the end of the Christmas Day special, “The Church on Ruby Road.” Mrs. Flood made it clear she knows all about the TARDIS and then looked at the camera with a sly smile.

“The Devil’s Chord” broke the fourth wall on numerous occasions, and not just with Maestro looking at the audience. Maestro also played the Doctor Who theme tune on the piano. The theme tune was also heard on the jukebox in the TARDIS, something that has never happened before.

The Flux and bi-generation have changed everything in Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker’s iteration of The Doctor saw The Flux. This was an attempt to destroy all planets, but Thirteen was able to fix things with the help of others, including the Fugitive Doctor. It was clear that this would have a knock-on effect somewhere. After all, it led to Fourteen being a copy of Ten with David Tennant’s return to the series.

We saw some instances of the knock-on effect of The Flux with history changing. When Ten and Donna head to the past and meet Sir Isaac Newton, they mention gravity. However, Newton hears the word as mavity, and now gravity is “mavity” in the Doctor Who universe.

Fourteen didn’t fully regenerate into Fifteen. Instead, we got the first case of bi-generation, which we know changes the mythology of The Doctor completely. It opens the door for many other Doctors to return, but it also opens the door to a few more changes. That includes this new Pantheon of Gods, which includes the Toymaker and Maestro.

There is the question of The One Who Waits, who may or may not be connected to Susan Twist constantly appearing this season as different characters. We have the mystery of Ruby Sunday, with The Doctor running a DNA test on her. It all has to be connected. There is no way Davis would include something for fun. After all, look at how “Bad Wolf” was included in the Christopher Eccleston era. Davis knows how to slow burn a plot with hints that you miss the first time.

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