Could Outlander Season 8 include the Percy Wainwright storyline?

There are a few Outlander storylines still to cover. One that has a question mark over it is the Percy Wainwright storyline in two Outlander books so far.
Outlander season 7 on Starz
Outlander season 7 on Starz /

The Outlander books still have plenty of storylines to cover, but there may not be enough time for them all. One that may not make it to screen is the Percy Wainwright storyline. We take a look at why that’s potentially going to be skipped.

Caution: We go into spoilers for Written in My Own Heart’s Blood and Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone in this post.

The last two current main Outlander books include more Lord John Grey. Part of his storyline development includes someone from his past: Percy Wainwright.

Now Percy is connected to a few characters without them realizing. He married into the Beauchamp family and even took on that name. He’s on the hunt for Fergus, who is the son of Amelie Beauchamp. It’s his father who is the interesting one. Or at least, Fergus’s potential father.

What does Percy Wainwright want in the Outlander books?

Percy wants to find Fergus. He believes that Fergus is the son of Comte St. Germain. This means that there could be potential money.

For us as readers, it also opens the door that Fergus is a time traveler. After all, Comte St. Germain is, and it opens the door to Claire being potentially connected to Fergus genetically.

Lord John Grey doesn’t help Percy find Fergus. When Percy does eventually find him, Fergus doesn’t want to know anything. He doesn’t trust the man, and he simply doesn’t care. He has his family now, and there are far more important things going on with the Revolutionary War.

Will the Percy storyline be skipped in Outlander Season 8?

For the books, the Percy storyline is one that can pop up now and again. It’s not all that necessary for the TV show, though. It does nothing to forward any other plots. All it would be is a fun connection for fans. Of course, the fans of the show aren’t even going to see all the connections as the show has never established Comte St. Germain as a time traveler—that is known to book readers through a short story.

The main part of Percy’s storyline is through Lord John Grey. This furthers the idea that Outlander Season 8 won’t include it. The show hasn’t gone into Lord John Grey’s character development the way the books had time for. It doesn’t make sense to suddenly do that in the final season as it would be detrimental to other characters.

The end of Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone includes Percy in another storyline, but it’s connected to Lord John Grey and Hal Grey. We have only met Hal briefly back in Outlander Season 3. While I do think some of the Grey family could end up being introduced, I don’t think we’ll get more on John and Hal, which would mean not enough time for Percy’s storyline.

That being said, John’s situation is a huge moment for William to turn to Jamie for help after learning that Jamie is his biological father. With that in mind, we could see John’s storyline play out and Percy show up in that, but I doubt we’ll get Percy looking for Fergus.

I would love to see it all play out, but there just isn’t enough time. Outlander Season 8 needs to be focused on wrapping up storylines for current characters and not expanding things too much with others.

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