Outlander theory: Is Comte St. Germain a time traveler?

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There are many characters in Outlander with the ability to pass through the stones. Could Comte St. Germain be one of them? That’s one Outlander theory to look into.

Outlander is full of mystery and intrigue. The ability to time travel through the stones is one of those mysteries. One Outlander theory is that Comte St. Germain is one of those with the ability to pass through the stones. After all, we know that there are more travelers than Claire and Geillis. It’s time to assess the theory.

There are spoilers in this post for those who haven’t read the novels, including the novellas and short stories.

The backstory of Comte St. Germain

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There’s very little known about the Comte’s life. However, there are elements that suggest he could travel through the stones (and other portals that allowed for passage through time). One of those is that there’s evidence of him in 1630 in the Outlander universe.

Remember that in “Dragonfly in Amber” (and therefore season 2) the Frasers were in Paris in 1744. That would mean the Comte would have been more than 100 years old. The only thing that this could mean is the Outlander theory is true. He is definitely a time traveler.


Could Comte St. Germain still be alive?

We watched the Comte die in the second season. He also supposedly died in the novels. However, the short story “The Space Between” shows that he’s still alive. He is there under the name Paul Rakoczy to avoid being arrested again for sorcery. Just how is that possible when we watched him die?

Remember that it’s Master Raymond who slipped the poison into Comte St. Germain’s drink. While it looked like poison, the two may have already had a plan, especially if they were both time travelers and knew each other before.

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This is one Outlander theory that leads to interesting possibilities. With Comte St. Germain a time traveler, it means his descendants probably are. One of those descendants is possibly Fergus Claudel Fraser.

Is Comte St. Germain a time traveler? Is he still alive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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