Happy birthday, David Berry: Why we need a Lord John Grey spin-off

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Celebrating David Berry’s birthday by looking at the need for a Lord John Grey spin-off

Jan. 18 is a special day in the Outlander family. It is David Berry’s birthday, and there’s no doubt we’re excited to celebrate it with him.

Berry has brought the character of Lord John Grey to life in the series. Sure, he doesn’t match the exact description from the book, but finding the right actor in terms of acting abilities is more important than looks in most cases.

We’ve seen Lord John Grey’s love for Jamie, connection to Brianna, and his growing respect for Claire. And with all this in mind, and the fact that there are Lord John Grey books, now is a good time for STARZ to consider a Lord John Grey spin-off.

It’s a topic that has come up before. What makes now the best time to consider it?

David Berry could move onto other projects

Actors move onto other projects, especially when they’re not hired as series regulars. Right now, there are no signs that Lord John Grey will be in Outlander Season 6. Of course, there’s a chance he is, but Berry did say that the showrunners hadn’t said anything to him about the season last year. So, it’s left us concerned that this is it.

As an actor, David Berry will want to look for other work. This could lead to problems for Lord John Grey to return. We’ve already seen what can happen when actors move on, with Laura Donnelly not returning as Jenny on Outlander Season 4.

We don’t want the network to miss out on an opportunity because their lead actor has moved onto another project. Get things in the works now while Berry is available.

Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ /

It would be great for the next Droughtlander

It’s hard going through Droughtlander right now. This one is the hardest, but all Droughtlanders are hard. Fans look for other shows to watch and books to read.

How about having something within the Outlander world for the next Droughtlander? Wouldn’t a Lord John Grey series be perfect?

It could film while the main series is airing. This could allow it to air partway through the next Droughtlander.

Okay, so there’s the pandemic to take into account right now, but by the time Outlander Season 6 is airing, there’s a chance filming will be easier. Now is the time to get something in the works to make it possible.

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There’s a chance to get to know more about Lord John Grey

There’s no doubt we want to see more of Lord John Grey. He is a fan-favorite character with a lot of secrets and backstory. We’ve only just scratched the surface with this character on the TV show.

A Lord John Grey spin-off would allow viewers to get to know more about Lord John Grey. There are a lot of people who say “John wouldn’t do that” about certain situations, but part of it is not really knowing the TV show character. A spin-off would give us a chance to understand him more from his youth to the current day.

If we get to know him in his own series, it gives us a chance to understand his motivations and actions later in the series.

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Happy birthday, David Berry!