Is Mrs. Flood a member of the pantheon in Doctor Who?

While there has been a mystery of Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who, there is also the mystery of Mrs. Flood. Did the penultimate episode of the season confirm who she is?
The Doctor ((Ncuti Gatwa) in the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023.
The Doctor ((Ncuti Gatwa) in the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023. /

There have been many questions about the mystery around Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who Season 14. She isn’t the only mysterious character, though. And no, we’re not talking about the many characters of Susan Twist.

The mystery is around Mrs. Flood. In the Christmas Day special, she broke the fourth wall to say “haven’t you ever seen a TARDIS before?” It’s clear that she knows all about The Doctor.

Then in the penultimate episode, she said The One Who Waits “waits no more.” This made it clear that she knew about Sutekh arriving, and Sutekh was always there around the TARDIS. With a mention of the TARDIS and now this, it looks like Mrs. Flood has always been connected to this God of Death.

Is Mrs. Flood connected to the Toymaker and Maestro in Doctor Who?

One of the big theories now is that Mrs. Flood is part of this new pantheon of gods. At first, it seemed like she was just a harbinger of  Sutekh, but she didn’t transform into the ghoulish monster that Susan Triad and Harriet Arbinger did. So, that would suggest that she is something different.

Is she part of the pantheon, connected to The Toymaker and Maestro? Only Maestro and Mrs. Flood have broken the fourth wall in Doctor Who so far, and I already suspected that that meant something.

Russell T. Davis made it clear that there would be more of this new pantheon of gods coming in the series. It didn’t seem like it was The One Who Waits as the only other addition.

Mrs. Flood could be Tefnut, the Egyptian goddess of water. This would explain her name Mrs. Flood, and Sutekh is based on Seth, another of the Egyptian gods.

How about Huh? Yes, in Egyptian mythology, Huh was male, but his name literally meant “flood.” Could he have taken another form to be an unsuspecting old woman to keep an eye on things? Hemsut is an Egyptian goddess of fate and protection, which could connect to Mrs. Flood seemingly watching over Ruby and then Ruby’s grandmother in the penultimate episode.

If the show turns to another mythology for inspiration, there is always Chronos, the god of time. There is even Moros, a personified spirit of impending doom.

How about turning to Roman mythology? The Parcae were the fates, with Morta as the one to oversee death, and Decima responsible for measuring a person’s lifespan. Decima makes sense for Mrs. Flood, measuring the lifespan of those around her, ready for Sutekh to come in.

There are so many gods to take inspiration from. It certainly looks like Mrs. Flood could be one of the pantheon in Doctor Who.

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