How are Mrs. Fitz and Murtagh related in Outlander?

Mrs. Fitz is going to be in Outlander: Blood of My Blood. The casting news confirmed that she is related to Murtagh Fraser.
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Sally Messham will take on the role of a young Mrs. Fitz in Outlander: Blood of My Blood. We know the older version of the character from Season 1 of the flagship series, and now we get to learn more about this woman loyal to the MacKenzie clan.

When announcing the casting, Starz made it clear that Mrs. Fitz is related to Murtagh. Now, I’ll be honest and say that I can’t remember if the TV show ever confirmed this. I know it comes up in the books at some point. This is where books and show blur together, and I don’t know what I’ve pictured in my head and what has played out on the screen.

Even if there was a mention of a relation, I don’t think it was ever clarified how they were related. Well, Starz has confirmed it.

Mrs. Fitz and Murtagh are related by marriage in Outlander

The casting press release confirmed that Mrs. Fitz is Murtagh’s aunt. We know that she’s Murtagh’s aunt by marriage, but it’s not clear which side of the family that is. I have also assumed via Murtagh's mother's side considering it's "Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser."

This is something that the TV series could explore. We know that a young Murtagh will show up in the prequel. That makes sense considering Murtagh was in love with Ellen. With Mrs. Fitz working at Castle Leoch as Ellen’s maid, it also makes sense that Murtagh would be there on a regular basis, despite also being a Fraser.

What we’re likely to see is how Murtagh being Mrs. Fitz’s nephew brings him into the castle to see Ellen. Will we also get to see Murtagh’s uncle? It would be great to get to know more of Murtagh through other members of his family.

It would also be great to see Mrs. Fitz's children. After all, one of them is a parent to Laoghaire, Mrs. Fitz's grandmother.

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