6 more added to the Outlander: Blood of My Blood cast including fifth MacKenzie sibling!

The Outlander: Blood of My Blood cast continues to grow, with six more added to the cast. One of those is a MacKenzie sibling we've heard about but never seen.
Outlander: Blood of My Blood
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When it comes to news about Outlander: Blood of My Blood, Starz is no disappointing. We already know many familiar characters will show up, and now we have confirmation of more.

Six more actors have been accounted in the Outlander prequel series. Most of them are for the 18th century storyline, which makes sense. After all, we know of the characters in that time period. We have an idea of who should be around while Ellen MacKenzie is at Castle Leoch.

Two of the actors are joining for the 20th century storyline. It’s time to find out two characters connected to Claire’s parents during World War I.

The 18th century characters in Outlander: Blood of My Blood

The four actors announced for the 18th century storyline are mainly connected to the Castle Leoch storyline. We have two more MacKenzie siblings and Mrs. Fitz.

Yes, Mrs. Fitz is around. In the press release, we’re reminded that Mrs. Fitz is Murtagh’s aunt, so it will be interesting to see if that plays a big role in the story considering Murtagh’s love for Ellen. Sally Messham will take on the role that was originated by Annette Badland.

The two MacKenzie siblings are Jocasta and Janet. Yes, we get to see a younger Jocasta MacKenzie, with Sadhbh Malin taking on the role that Maria Doyle Kennedy brought to life in the fourth season of the series. In the press release, she’s named “Jocasta Cameron” but it’s possible that she’s not married yet considering she is the youngest of the MacKenzie siblings.

Janet MacKenzie has been mentioned but never seen up to this point in the OG series. Ailsa Davidson will take on the role. Janet is who Jenny Murray is named after, which means that Ellen must be close to her sister.

The last of the 18th century characters is one we’ve come to dislike in Outlander. Arch Bug is turning back up. As we learned in Season 7, he worked for Clan Grant and he believed he had a right to the French gold. Well, it’s time to see what type of man he was before the Jacobite rebellion. Terence Rae will take on that role.

20th century characters in the Outlander prequel

There are two actors cast in roles for the 20th century. Annabelle Dowler will play the role of Lizbeth. She is Julia’s boss at the War Department. This is an interesting decision as the Outlander books share that Julia is a teacher. Why is she working for the War Department? Was this a change just for World War I?

Harry Eaton will join as Private Charlton. He is a friend and fellow soldier of Henry Beauchamp. It would make sense that Henry would join the war effort as a soldier during World War I. It’s not clear just at what point during the way the 20th-century storyline is going to be set, but we know Claire was born after the war at the end of 1918.

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