Irish Wish age rating: Is the Netflix movie suitable for kids?

Irish Wish is a great option for rom-com fans this St. Paddy's Day. Is this a movie to watch with the kids around? We take a look at the Irish Wish age rating.

Irish Wish on Netflix
Irish Wish on Netflix /

You really do need to be careful what you wish for. That’s something Irish Wish quickly teaches us based on the promo.

This Netflix movie stars not one but two Outlander actors. Alexander Vlahos is Paul while Ed Speleers is James. Both of them have an interest in Lindsay Lohan’s Maddie, but not in the same way.

Maddie is heading to Ireland for her best friend’s wedding. It turns out that the friend is marrying the man she always wanted to be with, and when she makes a wish to be with him, it all comes true. However, just how good is this relationship? Is it possible that sometimes it’s better that the one who got away actually got away.

Of course, as an Outlander fan, you’ll want to watch the two actors in the movie. The question is whether you can watch it with the kids around or not.

Irish Wish age rating: Why is the movie TV-G?

It turns out that Irish Wish is officially rated TV-G. This means that it is meant to be suitable for those of all ages.

If you watch any of Lohan’s previous movies since she’s made a comeback, then you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Her movies are tame when it comes to nudity, romance, and language. They really are suitable for younger members of the house, with a lot of the nudity and love scenes being implied rather than shown. This is all going to go over a child’s head.

This could be great for the tweens and teens in the house. After all, they are impressionable when it comes to movies about romance and love. They want the fairytale, and this movie reminds them that what something seems to be on the outside isn’t quite what it is on the inside. It will encourage them to look for someone who loves them for them and not the status that they carry.

The movie itself is suitable for kids in terms of the graphical scenes and language, but it won’t be the best in terms of story. This is a rom-com, which is written for older audiences and not the young kids. Watch it once they go to bed so you’re not constantly interrupted.

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Irish Wish is now available to stream on Netflix.