Every episode of Outlander season 7 (so far) ranked worst to best

The season is proving to be a great one, but even a great season may have an episode here or there that aren't necessarily fan-favorites.
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Outlander Season 7 2023
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Season 7 episode 6, "Where the Waters Meet"

I know I'm not alone in the fact that I don't like it when Jamie and Claire are apart. It does need to happen sometimes, but that doesn't mean I necessarily like it. Claire was in doctor mode here and took charge, which I love to see. And I really felt for Walter. He was a sweet soul. Though to be honest, did we need a majority of an episode with him? No.

I liked the interactions between Claire and William too, so that was nice about the episode. For Roger and Bree, it's hard to keep their story connected to what's happening in the past at times. Though I think it needs to stay rooted in that overall. In episode 6, that wasn't the case so they lost me a bit. I know it was setting up what Rob Cameron was about to do in the next episode. But I wouldn't rate this one as a favorite.

Outlander - Season 7 2023
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Season 7 episode 7, "A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers"

Episode 7 is also lower on our list just because of the way it starts off. It's really slow, and there's a lot of explanation we get from Buck MacKenzie who is still a mystery. But then things really pick up and it's crazy! Rob kidnaps Jemmy, and Bree and Roger are trying to figure out what to do. The episode quickly picks up, and there's also Jamie saying a sort of goodbye to Claire that made us nervous. And then that cliffhanger? So cruel!

Outlander Season 7 2023
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Season 7 episode 3, "Death Be Not Proud"

I'm glad the Frasers are headed back to Scotland, but it's just so sad to see how the Big House on Fraser's Ridge burned down the way it did in the third episode. Darn you, Wendigo Donner. The montage of everything going up in flames mixed in with Jamie and Claire's faces looking at their home being destroyed, destroyed me emotionally. I was also glad to see Bree and Roger were able to find a way to stay connected to Jamie and Claire through the letters.

Now in terms of Mr. Bug and the Jacobite gold, I'm meh about this storyline. Knowing Outlander and based on what we saw in the finale, it's setting up for something bigger between Mr. Bug and Young Ian. But as of this moment, I don't really care very much about this plot point. The Bugs were always kind of annoying to me and whatever happens can happen to Mr. Bug. You just stay away from Rachel, mister!