Don't rule out Ruby Sunday returning in Doctor Who

The Doctor Who Season 14 finale certainly brought an emotional goodbye between Fifteen and Ruby. However, don't rule out Millie Gibson being in Doctor Who Season 15 just yet.
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

There have been plenty of questions since the Christmas Day 2023 special of Doctor Who. Rumors circulated that Millie Gibson was being replaced in Season 15, with a new companion coming in.

Russell T. Davis says that Gibson isn’t going anywhere. However, the Season 14 finale seems to suggest otherwise.

Ruby and Fifteen said goodbye in the Doctor Who Season 14 finale

The end of the Doctor Who Season 14 finale saw Ruby and Fifteen say goodbye. Ruby had learned the identity of her bio mom, and that mom wanted to get to know Ruby. On top of that, Ruby has a chance to get to know her bio dad as well.

She ran into the TARDIS to tell The Doctor that she would be a few more minutes. Fifteen could tell that she wasn’t actually going to leave. That was especially the case when she got a message to say her bio dad was located.

There was an emotional goodbye before Ruby stepped out of the TARDIS. Fifteen flew off to pastures new, and we know in the Christmas Day 2024 special, we’re expecting Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan to play the role of a companion for the episode.

Millie Gibson could still return in Doctor Who Season 15

This doesn’t mean that all those rumors from before were true. It doesn’t mean that Millie Gibson is definitely leaving. Davis has said for a few months now that Ruby will be back, and that there will be a pair of companions in the TARDIS in Season 15.

Gibson even talked about filming Season 15, and she was spotted on the set. It looks like she will be back for the next season.

It’s not like Ruby didn’t want to travel the universe with Fifteen. She just wanted to be able to spend time with her bio mom and get to know her. She wanted to expand her family, and Fifteen was never going to prevent that. He can always comes back to her if she wants to travel again. We’ve seen that happen. Just look at Donna coming back!

So, don’t rule out Gibson returning in Doctor Who Season 15. She just won’t likely be in the Christmas Day special.

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