Is Millie Gibson already leaving Doctor Who? (Showrunner weighs in)

Since the end of 2023, there have been rumors that Millie Gibson was already leaving Doctor Who. Is that the case? Russell T. Davis shares the details of the decision.
The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) in Doctor Who.
The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) in Doctor Who. /

There is one thing you shouldn’t do when it comes to entertainment news rumors, and that’s taken them as full fact. Doctor Who rumors surfaced last year to say that Millie Gibson was being replaced, but just how true is that statement?

Russell T. Davis has talked about how “unfortunate” it was for the rumors to grow the way they did. The problem with releasing rumors without all the facts is that it lead to people inferring they meant something they otherwise did.

In these rumors, it was that Millie Gibson was out and Varada Sethu was in. The latter is true. Sethu will come in as the second companion to Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor, but that doesn’t mean that she’s replacing Gibson. Certainly not immediately!

Millie Gibson will be around for two seasons of Doctor Who

When talking to SFX Magazine, Davis talked about the rumors and how they got twisted. It turns out that Gibson isn’t suddenly departing the show after her first season. She is sticking around for two seasons, and we’ll get to see a full story for Ruby Sunday play out.

After all, it was clear in the Christmas Day Special in 2023 that there is more to Ruby’s story. She was abandoned on the doorsteps of a church in the snow. Nobody knows who by, but there are all sorts of theories as to who her biological mother is.

Varada Sethu will join the team and not replace

When sharing that Sethu will be joining the series, the Doctor Who social media channels made it clear that she is joining the team. She’s not replacing Gibson. There are photos of both companions and the 15th Doctor.

It’s also clear that this is happening in Season 2. It’s really Season 15 of the New Who series, but it’s Season 2 of the version on Disney+. Yes, this is getting confusing with the numbering!

 Gibson’s Ruby will get a major storyline in the Season 2 finale of the Disney+ reboot of the series. It looks like that will lead to Sethu becoming the only companion in the TARDIS. Of course, this is Doctor Who and anything is possible, especially now bi-generation has reworked the entire mythology of the series!

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Doctor Who premieres on Saturday, May 11 on Disney+.