Ruby Sunday's mom reveal in Doctor Who had the perfect explanation

Ruby Sunday finally found out who her biological mom is in Doctor Who. It brought the perfect explanation to touch on human nature.
The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) in Doctor Who.
The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) in Doctor Who. /

Since we met Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who, there has been a big question of who she is. Who is her biological mom, and why did her mom point to The Doctor? Everything was revealed in the Season 14 finale with the perfect explanation.

Caution: There are major spoilers from the Doctor Who Season 14 finale in this post.

The episode picked up with Sutekh destroying the Earth. In fact, he was destroying everywhere The Doctor had ever landed. Those instances of Susan Triad being in other worlds were on purpose. She could unleash the dust of death upon all these worlds. Fifteen even heard Skaro was destroyed and felt bad for the Daleks.

However, Sutekh never went after Ruby and The Doctor. He needed them, as he needed to know the mystery behind Ruby’s mom just like everyone else. There was a fear that she could stop Sutekh.

The Doctor and Ruby trick Sutekh in Doctor Who

Of course, Fifteen and Ruby had to figure out a way to save the universe and it meant going to a time period the TARDIS made up of multiple versions kept showing Ruby. It was all about that time from “73 Yards,” which this Ruby has no idea about. Everything from the season finally started to connect together.

Fifteen realized that Roger ap Gwilliam was the key. As much as he was the most dangerous Prime Minister with his forced DNA testing, that forced DNA testing would be useful. Ruby’s mom would have needed to give a DNA sample, meaning Ruby and The Doctor would be able to find her.

They had Mel with them, but it turned out that Sutekh found a way to get to Mel and kill her, making her one of his minions. Fortunately, Fifteen held Mel’s hands and realized they were too cold. He knew something had happened, and he made sure Ruby was aware.

Together they worked out a plan. They could make Sutekh think that she would show him who her mother was. She then destroyed the device and hooked a bungee from the TARDIS to Sutekh. From there, Fifteen was able to take Sutekh into the vortex, causing a ripple that would bring all universes back to life.

Ruby’s mom was just an ordinary woman in Doctor Who

But who was Ruby’s mom? That was the big question all season.

It turned out that Ruby’s mom was just an ordinary woman, Louise Allison Miller. When she was 15, she got pregnant but didn’t want to raise the baby in the household she was in. Her stepfather was a bad man. She didn’t even tell the 15-year-old boy she slept with that he was the father. She just made sure her baby was somewhere safe to be found and raised.

Louise had always thought about searching for Ruby, but thought that Ruby would hate her for what she did. So, when Ruby found Louise at a coffee shop and made it clear who she was, Louise embraced the fact that her daughter had come to find her. They could also get in touch with Ruby’s biological father, giving Ruby more people in her life. And yes, her adopted mom was more than happy to welcome someone else into her house.

With that, it seems like Ruby is going to remain on Earth, getting the chance to know her biological parents. As much as Fifteen will miss the adventures with her, he supports the idea.

Is that really it for Ruby? She was supposed to be in Doctor Who Season 15, but was that just some teases so we didn’t know how Season 14 would end? I guess we’ll need to wait and see.

What I will say is that the explanation of why Ruby’s mom was so important was perfect. Fifteen explained that Louise was so important because Ruby, Fifteen, and others had made her significant. They thought there was something more, something bigger, and that meant Sutekh believed she would be able to destroy him. It gives us a look at human nature and how we make people, places, and times significant. We choose to do that through love, curiosity, and even hatred. In a show that involves time travel and aliens, it was just so human.

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