What does the time loop mean for Roger ap Gwilliam in Doctor Who?

Ruby realized what she was meant to do in Doctor Who Season 14, Episode 4, and she achieved it. What does this time loop mean for Roger ap Gwilliam, though? We take a look.
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

Doctor Who brought us an alternate timeline in the episode titled “73 Yards.” What does this mean for Roger ap Gwilliam in the future?

During Doctor Who Season 14, Episode 4, The Doctor stepped into a fairy circle. As Ruby read a note that said “rest in peace, Mad Jack,” the world around her changed and The Doctor disappeared. She was followed by an old woman who would always remain 73 yards away from her. Anyone who went up to the woman abandoned Ruby.

Eventually, Ruby figured out what she needed to do. She was able to use the woman to help make Roger ap Gwilliam resign. After all, The Doctor considered him to be the “most dangerous Prime Minister” the UK had ever had. When we consider he wanted to withdraw the UK from NATO and buy all of Pakistan’s missiles to make the UK the biggest nuclear threat in the world, it’s easy to see why The Doctor considers him so dangerous.

Ruby doesn’t remember this timeline in Doctor Who

The problem is everything happened in an alternate timeline. While Roger ap Gwilliam resigned, he is still a threat in the new timeline that’s been created. Ruby doesn’t remember anything that she did. Also, there isn’t the old woman (the older version of herself) following her to make Gwilliam resign as Prime Minister.

What does this mean for this timeline’s 2046? Well, Gwilliam is sure to be the danger Prime Minister The Doctor views him as. Everything has reset.

However, Ruby clearly remembers something. She said that she’d been to Wales three times, but couldn’t remember the third. Something from this alternate timeline has stuck. Is it possible that she’ll know exactly that Roger ap Gwilliam is a huge threat as he starts to run for Prime Minister. Will she figure out a way to stop that from happening, or does the timeline have to play out the way that The Doctor says it will?

This is a major problem with alternate timelines. We now have to forget everything that happened in this alternate timeline and focus on everything else. Of course, that includes The One Who Waits and figure out who or what Ruby Sunday really is.

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