Who was Mad Jack in Doctor Who?

When The Doctor stepped in a fairy circle in Doctor Who, Ruby read a note that said 'Rest in peace, Mad Jack.' Who was Mad Jack?
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

The Doctor stepped into a fairy circle, leading to his disappearance in the latest episode of Doctor Who. Was it something to do with Mad Jack?

Ruby read a note in the broken fairy circle that said “Rest in peace, Mad Jack.” She’d assumed that it was the name of a dog or something like that, but it soon became much bigger and slightly scarier than that.

Who the people in the pub said Mad Jack was

Ruby initially made her way to a local pub, where she was able to get a room for a few nights while she figured out who the woman was and whether The Doctor who return. That first night, she told the people that The Doctor stepped into the fairy circle, which she said was like witchcraft. When she told people of the name Mad Jack, they all turned.

Mad Jack was a man who came into the pub a lot. He was insane, and everyone in the pub was scared of him.

It turned out that this was just a came the people in the pub were playing with Ruby. They commented that people would come to Wales expecting everyone to be into witchcraft, and they liked to play that game with others. However, Mad Jack had no connection to the pub.

Mad Jack was revealed in Doctor Who

We did later find out that Prime Minister Roger ap Gwilliam was once nicknamed “Mad Jack.” This sent chills down Ruby’s spine, especially as she remembered that The Doctor had mentioned Roger ap Gwilliam as a dangerous Prime Minister.

It soon became clear that the fairy circle, Mad Jack, and the disappearance of The Doctor were connected. This woman in the distance had a task for Ruby. She needed to stop Gwilliam from becoming the dangerous Prime Minister The Doctor said he would be.

We still don’t have all the details as to why he was known as Mad Jack. It’s also curious how this note was around in 2024 but Gwilliam didn’t become Prime Minister until 2040. Is it possible that breaking the fairy circle led to the note changing to help get Ruby to stop Gwilliam? When Ruby stopped The Doctor from walking into the circle, he stopped her from reading the notes. We have no idea if the note still read the same. Will we see Gwilliam again?

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