Is Davina Porter in Outlander: Blood of My Blood named after the audiobook narrator?

Think you've heard the name Davina Porter in the world of Outlander before but not in conjunction with the prequel? Well, you have!
Outlander: Blood of My Blood
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As news of more Outlander: Blood of My Blood casting came out, there was a character name that stood out. It’s all about Davina Porter.

In the world of the Outlander prequel, Davina is Brian Fraser’s mother. She was the kitchen maid at the Lovat castle, and was the attendant of the dowager Lady Lovat. In the series announcement of the casting, she is the housemaid, which could be a typo or it could be that the role has been changed slightly.

It’s not clear whether Davina chose to have an affair with Simon Lovat or not. With what we know of Simon, it’s likely that she didn’t have a choice. All we know is that she ended up having Brian Fraser out of the situation. This comes from The Outlandish Companion rather than the stories Jamie Fraser has told us.

Davina Porter is named after the Outlander narrator

The name will ring a bell for many of those who haven’t read the companions. Davina Porter is the name of the woman who narrates the Outlander books for audio. The naming was not coincidental.

Diana Gabaldon has named characters after various people connected to the show and the books. For example, one of Ellen’s middle names is Caitriona and there is a Mr. Heughan mentioned in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. The author of the series has made it clear that she honors particular people through characters, and usually side characters.

At first, it’s possible that the story of Ellen and Brian was supposed to be just something in the past. However, the development of the universe has led to a prequel novel. That’s led to a prequel series, so now one of those honoring names is going to be a bigger character in the world of the series.

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Outlander: Blood of My Blood is currently in development and will come to Starz.