The Gathering 2023: What happened on Day 2?

The Gathering 2023 -- Alexandria Ingham
The Gathering 2023 -- Alexandria Ingham /

Day 2 of The Gathering 2023 is the longest one, but also the one with a lot going on. What happened during the day of the Sasnak City event?

A lot goes on during the second day of any Sasnak City event. This is the day to get a lot of Meet & Greets, more photo ops, autographs, and a lot more. The evening is also packed with different activities, including the After Party.

Just what happened during The Gathering 2023 on Day 2? Let’s take a look at everything fans got to do so you know what to expect the next time.

Day 2 of The Gathering 2023

The day started early with the All Cast photo. This is usually done on the first day, but due to Gary Lewis having other commitments at the start, it was moved to the second day. Attendees got to move onto some solo photos with various cast members before there were some Meet & Greets.

As the first of the two full days, lunch was provided. For Fraser’s Ridge attendees, that meant a sitdown, plated meal. There is a chance for everyone to eat before some of the cast members join and chat to attendees for a bit, moving around in a round-robin style.

It was then all about autographs and photo ops with other Meet & Greets before the panel of the day. This was certainly entertaining, with Gary leading the band. It was a fun performance only for the attendees and just shows some of the things that the cast members can get up to.

The evening was all about the big activities. Lallybroch tier attendees were invited back to the museum first to attend Chocolate Shop, which is certainly worth the tier. We’ll go into this in more detail in a separate post, but you can see what previous years have been like.

That was followed on by Blue Mountain Cocktails, which is included for Lallybroch attendees and there are some tickets available for others to purchase. This is another round-robin event and you never really know what’s going on.

The night ended with the After Party. Sometimes cast members come out to join in some of the fun, but only for a short while. The focus is on partying with fellow attendees, and it’s always a good night, especially once the Blue Mountain event ends and everyone joins in the fun.

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