The Gathering 2023: Everything that happened on Day 1

The Gathering 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
The Gathering 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

The Gathering 2023 is in full swing, and Day 1 brought some fun surprises and moments. Here’s what happened on the first day of the Sasnak City event.

Outlander fans have gathered in Kansas City, Missouri for one of the best conventions going. It is all about Sasnak City: The Gathering. Nine guests are at the event, with one attending her first convention. Yes, Kristin Atherton hasn’t even appeared on our screens as Jenny Murray yet, and she’s at an Outlander convention and received a very warm welcome.

Day 1 of the event starts off with things for Fraser’s Ridge and Lallybroch attendees. The second half of the daytime events are for everyone, and then the night ends with Turtle Soup for Fraser’s Ridge attendees. Here’s a breakdown of everything that happened on Day 1 on The Gathering 2023.

Day 1 of The Gathering 2023

The day starts in the mid-morning, with photo ops for Fraser’s Ridge and Lallybroch. While in previous years, the All Cast photo op is one of the first, this year wasn’t the case. The individual photo ops took place instead for everyone but Gary Lewis.

Don’t worry; Gary Lewis photo ops happened later in the day. The All Cast photo would take place on Day 2. The team have it all planned out.

As Leoch and Craigh na Dun attendees came in to see the vendors, Steven Cree did a pop-up panel for the top two tiers. With the SAG-AFTRA strike going on, there were some strict rules about what could be discussed. In a way, this is a great thing as it meant fans could ask about his skydiving experience he did for charity.

The Gary Lewis Meet & Greet also took place, where he came in and gave everyone a hug before sitting down and answering questions. If you don’t ask Gary a question, he will just blether away. Selfies followed the Meet & Greet, giving fans that extra bit of fun.

What about panels? There was one panel to open up the event. Again, with the SAG-AFTRA strike there were some rules to follow, including no phones and cameras (except for specific people), but arguably, this makes the event a lot more fun. There are some more personal questions, such as comfort foods and how they spend their free time.

After that it was all about autographs, getting in the Fraser’s Ridge and Lallybroch tiers done. One of the perks of spending so much money on a tier package is getting to do everything first. That doesn’t mean people will miss out, though. There was also the Caitlin O’Ryan Meet & Greet added into the day.

Oh yes, there was a lot going on throughout Day 1 of The Gathering 2023. While that all ended the day for most people, Fraser’s Ridge got to stick around for Turtle Soup. We’ll cover this in a separate post, but this is certainly one of the parts of the day that makes the top tier worth it.

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