What year is Outlander Season 7A set in?

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Outlander Season 7A saw battles during the Revolutionary War and more time travel. What years are seen in this season of the series?

We like to get an idea of when in history shows take place. That’s especially the case for Outlander, which covers multiple timelines. After all, we have time-traveling characters!

The first eight episodes of the season are now available to stream. Much of this season was set in two distinct timelines, but there are a couple of other years to point out.

We left Outlander Season 6 in 1776. Would Season 7 pick straight up from there? How far forward in time would we move?

When is Outlander Season 7A set?

The first part of the season picks up from the Season 6 finale. That puts us in 1776. However, the whole story doesn’t stay in that year. There are a few time jumps forward.

For Claire and Jamie, they end up at the Battle of Saratoga. That took place in September 1777 in real life, so that suggests that’s when we are in the story. While there are date changes here and there, it’s usually something minor—such as making the Battle of Alamance on the same date of Jamie’s birthday, and only those fans who keep a timeline of everything will notice a problem with that in terms of real history.

Bree and Roger time-traveled to their own time. They needed to so they could save Mandy’s life. Most of this storyline was set in 1980. However, there seems to be one brief moment where they are in 1978, which makes sense considering the rules of time travel seems to be 202 years for this group of travelers.

We do know that Buck came from 1778. He’s not left in Claire and Jamie’s timeline yet. Roger and Buck go through the stones at the very end of Outlander Season 7A. We don’t yet see if they’ve gone back to 1778 or not yet.

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