Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 138 breakdown

Outlander season 7
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Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with Jamie and Claire getting to their first orders of business. Jamie needs to make sure everyone at the Ridge remembers who he is. As he looks at the plans for the new house, he visits all the tenants.

He also needs to check on his whiskey stash, which is still there. He can use that for trading at the Ridge.

For Claire, it’s all about reminding the people of the Ridge that she will treat their ailments. She wants to make sure the women of the Ridge know who she is and what she can offer, and it all starts with treating Fanny’s lisp.

The lisp comes from the frenulum, the piece of skin that holds the tongue to the mouth, being too short. The tongue can’t move easily, so Claire needs to snip it. Of course, everyone wants to see this surgery happen, even though Fanny is young and nervous.

Jenny assists with a mirror for light, while Jamie holds Fanny down. After enough whiskey to numb her mouth, Claire performs a quick snip and makes sure the bleeding slows down. The surgery is complete and Fanny is in awe at being able to move her tongue around much more. She can now learn to speak properly.