Is Young Ian in Outlander Season 7A?

Outlander Season 7 Marketing Photography 10/21/22-10/22/22
Outlander Season 7 Marketing Photography 10/21/22-10/22/22 /

Young Ian has had some excellent development since his introduction in Outlander Season 3. Will we see more of that in Outlander Season 7A?

There are some excellent characters in Outlander, and Young Ian is one of those who captured our hearts immediately. From his introduction to the end of Outlander Season 6, he has had some tremendous growth. This is a character who went from boy to man of worth, and he is still going.

During Outlander Season 6, we found out what happened to him when he joined the Mohawk. We learned who his wife was, and why he had to leave her. Emily is still alive, and that’s a part that pains him more than grief. Separation and divorce are worst than grieving death—I can say that from experience.

The end of the season saw him gain some closure. He also got Native Americans in the local area so they could all help save Jamie. Now they’re all off to save Claire. Will we see what comes of that?

Will Young Ian be in Outlander Season 7A?

You can bet that John Bell will be back. We will get to see more of Young Ian, and it’s sure to start with that cliffhanger at the end of Outlander Season 6.

We just have to look at the trailer for the season to see that we’ll see more of Young Ian. If you’ve read the books, you know what’s to come for him, but we’ll keep the book spoilers out of this post. What you can tell from the trailer is that there’s a love interest coming up, and this is more than one of the girls he’s been with before. Rachel Hunter is the real deal, especially now that he’s gained closure about Emily.

The promotional photos also make it clear that Young Ian is back. On top of that, it looks like he’ll get more screen time with so much promotional material focused on him.

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