John Bell reads Outlander tweets in the best way possible

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

STARZ continues its promotion of Outlander during the hiatus. John Bell got a chance to read out and respond to some Outlander tweets fans have made.

During Droughtlander, we’d have a few behind-the-scenes videos. They’ve been of the cast discussion each other, sharing how well they know their co-stars. These have usually been couples videos with Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton and also Cesar Domboy and Lauren Lyle.

While John Bell’s character Young Ian does have a great bond with Rollo, it wouldn’t be all that easy to do a couples video with them. However, I would love to see a video of the two hanging out together and playing! Instead, Bell read out some tweets that fans have made.

Of course, it was just as adorable as you’d expect. Bell is full of energy when he does promotional work and even just online. He was always going to make the reading of tweets absolutely hilarious.

John Bell responds to Outlander tweets

Things start off pretty simple, with a tweet about why Ian is the best character. Yes, we all love Young Ian, especially the transformation he’s made throughout the seasons.

Speaking of transformations, Ian’s hair came up in a tweet. Does John Bell shave his head? If you’ve followed him on Instagram, you’ll know that he definitely does. The hair that he does have on the series is a wig. He remains shaven throughout the months of filming, which I’m sure is on the chilly side in Scottish winter!

At one point, Bell had a comment for STARZ. There was a tweet about how we need a show that is just Young Ian and Rollo, and we have to agree! That would be a show we’d watch. Well, Bell thinks so too, and he wants STARZ to get on it.

You can tell Bell loves the fans of the series. The last of the tweets is about a vinyl figuring that a fan made, and we get to see the photo of it. It is an adorable vinyl of Young Ian in Outlander Season 5 with a little Rollo by his side. Now @didounette1607 needs to make one for the man himself.

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