Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 33 breakdown

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with Roger waking up at Lallybroch. There’s a sense of ease now that Brian is helping him. However, he’s pulled from his thoughts from Jenny, who is bringing water and a razor as well as questions about Roger’s horseriding abilities.

This is because Roger and Brian are riding out to the crofts to spread word about Jem and Rob Cameron. If anyone knew anything, Brian would have heard about that. Gossip spreads like wildfire in the Highlands. It doesn’t stop Brian from holding onto hope that someone has heard something.

When they get to John Murray’s house, Roger realizes that this is Ian’s father. We never expected to meet him, but we know that Ian is in France right now. Brian knows that Jenny is sweet on Ian, and I love that he just wants to know how Ian is for her. It’s clear that Brian approves of Jenny and Ian together.

We also get a sense that John Murray loved Ellen. Who didn’t, right? Rereading this chapter makes me want the prequel all the more. I want to see what the real story between Brian and Ellen was.

Back to the chapter, John suggests that they head out to the garrison. The soldiers will be able to send messengers to Edinburgh and Inverness, and they could even arrange to have Rob Cameron arrested on sight. This would be fine if it wasn’t for the garrison being on Cameron lands. What is the connection with Rob?

Roger also wonders what the Camerons’ current relationship is like with the Frasers and the MacKenzies. This could lead to trouble.