Will Karen Pirie be renewed for Season 2?

Karen Pirie -- Courtesy of BritBox
Karen Pirie -- Courtesy of BritBox /

Karen Pirie Season 1 is now available to binge-watch on BritBox. Will we see a second season of the crime drama starring Lauren Lyle?

If you’ve not tuned in for Karen Pirie Season 1 yet, why not? Outlander‘s Lauren Lyle takes on the lead role, and she is outstanding. This is certainly a series worth watching, whether you want to watch it just for Lauren or you’re interested in crime dramas.

Now eyes are on whether there’s more to come. One of the downsides about the series is that it was only three episodes long. Sure, they were long episodes, but we still only got three episodes. So, we want more. Is that going to happen?

Is Karen Pirie Season 2 going to happen?

At the time of writing this, the second season has not been confirmed. The good news is the series hasn’t been canceled, either. One of the things with UK dramas is that they’re not always outrightly canceled. They can be left in limbo, allowing the creators time to come up with the storyline for a second season.

In the case of Karen Pirie, there’s no need to wait for a new story. There are already more books in the series that this TV show is based on. The show could jump straight into the next case, adapting it in a way that would suit the modern audience in the way the first book was adapted—with podcasts, DNA websites, and more.

The show has already been out for a month in the UK, but it’s only just dropped this week in the U.S. It is possible that everyone involved wanted to see how the series would perform in North America before making a decision about a second season or not. We’re hoping for some good news.

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Karen Pirie is now available to stream on BritBox.