Suspect trailer: Get a look at Sam Heughan in another role

Suspect -- Courtesy of BritBox
Suspect -- Courtesy of BritBox /

Sam Heughan takes on another role in the upcoming drama Suspect. Take a look at the trailer for the series to get an idea of his character.

The time is almost here to watch Sam Heughan in another role. This is completely different to what you’ve seen him in before, especially compared to Outlander. It’s the great thing about being an actor. Heughan gets to take on different personalities on a regular basis.

Suspect is a British crime drama that follows a detective who is called in to identify a body in the morgue. That body is his estranged daughter’s, and it’s apparently a suicide. Danny knows that his daughter wouldn’t do that, and he will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of the case.

James Nesbitt stars as Danny. Sam Heughan is a boxer with a connection to Danny’s daughter, but is he the one who killed her? Was it murder or suicide?

Suspect trailer

The trailer for Suspect is available, and it’s not going to disappoint. We get a great sense of the storyline to come, and there are a couple of clips of Sam Heughan in it. In one clip, we hear him speaking and he is keeping his natural accent for this series. That will make a lot of fans happy.

There’s also a clip of him boxing, and we get to see him standing up against Nesbitt. You can see the height difference, and Nesbitt is not a small man! Sometimes, it’s easy to forget just how tall Heughan is because his Outlander co-star Caitriona Balfe is also tall.

The Suspect trailer also gives us a look at a few other key players throughout the series. Richard E. Grant and Joely Richardson are among the outstanding cast that makes this series worth the time,

All eight episodes will drop at once, making it the perfect binge-watch this week.

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Suspect is on BritBox on Tuesday, Sept. 27. You can get BritBox via Amazon Channels.