Suspect is coming to BritBox in September 2022

Suspect -- Courtesy of BritBox
Suspect -- Courtesy of BritBox /

As Outlander fans, we love to support the cast and crew in other projects. Suspect is the series you’ll want to watch on BritBox in September 2022.

UK viewers have already had a chance to watch Suspect. Not to be confused with the upcoming The Suspect on ITV, Suspect aired on Channel 4 starting in June. Now it’s time for North American viewers to get a chance to see it.

This is going to be a series for Outlander fans. Sam Heughan stars in the series, and we’ve all been excited to see when it would arrive.

When will Suspect premiere on BritBox?

It shouldn’t be that surprising to learn that BritBox got the rights to the series. After all, it’s usually either BritBox or Acorn TV that get the gritty crime dramas. This does mean another subscription, but BritBox is certainly worth getting for great content during Droughtlander.

In fact, BritBox even has Shetland, with Season 7 arriving in September, too. Douglas Henshall is the lead in the series, although there is a shocking moment at the end of the season to be aware.

As for Suspect, we need to wait until the end of the month. The good news is all eight episodes are dropping at once, so you’ll get to binge-watch your way through the series. The episodes drop on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

The series stars James Nesbitt, Richard E. Grant, Sam Heughan, and Joely Richardson. Nesbitt is Detective Danny Naylor who turns up at a hospital for a routine ID check in the mortuary. However, he finds out that the person is his estranged daughter Christina. He refuses to accept that his daughter died by suicide, so he sets out on a mission to uncover the real details. We get to watch the investigation in “real time,” learning who Christina was connected to and figuring out that she wasn’t as innocent as he wanted to believe.

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Suspect is on BritBox on Tuesday, Sept. 27. You can get BritBox directly or via Amazon Channels.