5 big questions after the Outlander Season 6 finale

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

The Outlander Season 6 finale ended with a major cliffhanger. Let’s look at the biggest questions we have after the intense episode.

Things started with a siege at the Big House, but ended with Claire and Jamie separated once more. The Outlander Season 6 finale was one of the most intense episodes going, as Jamie, Young Ian, and others close to the Frasers at the Ridge worried about Claire’s freedom and life.

As we expected due to the way the season was cut short, the episode ended with a major cliffhanger. It’s left us with a lot of questions for the seventh season. Before we delve into all of them, we need to look at the immediate questions we have after the Outlander Season 6 finale. There are five big ones.

5 questions after watching the Outlander Season 6 finale

1. Why did Tom Christie choose to help Claire?

Claire and Jamie were shocked when Tom Christie stood up for them. He would accompany Claire on the journey to Salisbury, and he also wanted Jamie to come along. On top of that, he wanted to give Claire and Jamie on last night in their bed together. Considering he’s the one with the murdered daughter, he’s being a little too kind to Claire.

The kindness continued throughout the episode. Why is this? Why would he give her money for the jail in Wilmington? Part of this comes down to his feelings for Claire, but he also wants to do what is right.

2. Will Jamie and the others get to Claire in time?

Jamie and Claire were separated during the episode. This led to Jamie almost being sent to Scotland, but Ian and the Cherokee turned up just in time. They also know where Claire is right now, meaning they were able to kill the final captor.

We left the Outlander Season 6 finale with Jamie, Ian, John Quincy Myers, and the Cherokee riding across the beach. Will they get to Claire in time? Will all this be for nothing?

3. Will anyone believe Claire’s statement of events?

Claire is currently in a jail cell with a jailor who is clearly being bribed. On top of that, Richard Brown has made sure word has spread that she is a murderer. Claire has absolutely no hope in hell of a fair trial at this point.

Is there any way that anyone will believe her statement of events? It looks like Tom might, but he is just one man. Will he be able to convince anyone that it wasn’t Claire?

4. Will word get to Edenton by the time the MacKenzies get there?

Claire noted that if word was going to spread to Wilmington before they arrived, there was hope that word would get to Edenton. That’s where the MacKenzies are heading, which could allow Roger and Bree to do something from there. They’ll at least know what is happening before they reach home.

What can the MacKenzies do when they find out, though? Roger needs to be ordained, and Brianna is pregnant. Can they somehow get word and help encourage people to believe that Claire is innocent?

5. Is Roger Jemmy’s biological father?

During the episode, Jemmy had his hair cut due to lice. This led to Bree finding a mole on his head. It’s a mole that matches one that Roger has, and this mole is hereditary.

Does this mean what Bree and Roger believes it does? Is Jemmy really Roger’s biological son? It certainly looks that way—and we know that Diana Gabaldon wrote it into the books to make this point.

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