3 best Roger moments in the Outlander Season 6 premiere

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Roger is finding his place in the past, but first, he needs to help someone. Here are his top three moments from the Outlander Season 6 premiere.

We know that Roger needs to figure out his place in the past. However, most of the Outlander Season 6 premiere is focused on meeting with the new tenants. We also see him thinking about what’s to come in the colonies over the next few years.

There were some excellent moments as Roger finds his footing. This episode made it clear that he’s gaining more and more confidence in himself when it comes to living in the 18th century. It’s time to break down his best moments from the episode.

3 best Roger moments from the Outlander Season 6 premiere

Finding a way to help Aidan McCallum

When Amy first comes to the Ridge, it’s clear that she’s struggling. Her husband has died, and now she needs to raise two children in a world that’s unfamiliar to her. She even says to her son Aidan at one point that they don’t know where their next meal will come from so they need to eat now.

When Aidan runs off, clearly grieving the loss of his dad, Roger is the one that steps in. He checks with Bree that it’s okay first, and I love that he cares what she thinks about this next step.

Roger wants to make sure Amy and her family have a roof over their heads. He tells Aidan that he can help with building the cabin for the family since he’s now the man of the house. It’s just what Aidan needs—someone paying attention to the fact that he wants to find his way to help in a way that his dad would have.

The talk of what’s to come

The start of the episode for Bree and Roger includes a comment about tea being thrown into the harbor. In their own time, Roger would have been on the wrong side of history. Now, he’s a Patriot.

This isn’t because he thinks that the Patriots have the justifiable cause. It’s actually linked to Roger being a historian and being raised during World War II. What would happen if America didn’t become America? Would the Allies have won World War I and World War II?

He can’t bear to think of what could happen if the Revolutionary War doesn’t play out the way it has to. That doesn’t mean he’s happy about it, though. It’s hitting him hard now that this is going to happen and he’ll be around to see it.

Meeting with Tom Christie

I love that the Outlander Season 6 premiere kept it that Roger was the first to greet Tom Christie. There wasn’t the mason greeting, but I can accept a small change there. It’s more that Roger is the one to welcome Tom, not understanding the animosity between Tom and Jamie.

My favorite part is Roger’s reply to Tom asking who he is. Of course Tom is the one who should answer that first. It’s Tom who is knocking on Jamie’s door. Why would Roger introduce himself first?

Roger is gaining so much confidence in himself. That’s all leading to a big part of finding himself during this season, so I’m glad it was written into this episode.

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