Outlander Season 6 is not coming to STARZ in August 2021

We’re all waiting for new episodes of Claire and Jamie’s love story, but there’s still a wait. Outlander Season 6 isn’t coming in August 2021.

This Droughtlander has been the hardest. It’s not production’s fault. The pandemic caused problems for filming, but the show got started as soon as possible. To make sure we could get the episodes as soon as possible, the season has been reduced slightly to allow time for post-production.

However, we’re still waiting for the episodes. One thing the STARZ listings for August 2021 made clear is that Outlander Season 6 won’t premiere.

But we already knew that, right? Okay, it’s easy to miss some of the news. We’re not all on social media, and it can lead to missing some of the most important bits and pieces.

Outlander Season 6 release date

One thing we do know is that Outlander Season 6 isn’t coming in 2021 at all. It will arrive in “early 2022.” That’s the official timing.

Sam Heughan may have let it slip that it’s February 2022. That makes sense, matching the release of Outlander Season 5 in 2020 and then Men in Kilts Season 1 in 2021. We’re expecting it around Sunday, Feb. 13, but this is just a prediction right now.

The good news is you can still get your Outlander fix. All fix seasons are on STARZ right now, or you can watch the first four seasons on Netflix and then get STARZ for the fifth season.

There is also an Outlander event on the channel. On Thursday, Aug. 26, the network will show all of Outlander Season 5 starting at 6 a.m. ET/PT. It’s in honor of Women’s Equality Day, and it makes sense considering the powerhouses the women on the show are, especially Claire, Brianna, and Marsali.

Stay tune for the latest updates about Outlander Season 6. Watch the first five seasons on STARZ.